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I love to buy cheap patterns, so I wait until they are on sale for 99 cents or I find them online and print for free. The other day I decided to make a new outfit for my dearest little one using a pattern I had lying around. I did not want to spend the money to buy fabric, so after brainstorming a bit, I remembered I had this skirt in the closet that I LOVED but did not wear since it did not fit anymore(I’m sure no one else keeps clothes they can’t wear). I measured the fabric and turned it into a cute jumper that baby can wear now as well as grow into. A  great outcome was that I felt less afraid to try the ruffles, buttonholes, etc., because I didn’t spend money on the fabric and therefore did not feel as though I were wasting something if I had messed up!

Tips for clothing projects:

  • Find patterns online and print them yourself.
  • Check out a book from the library with a pattern CD.
  • Re-purpose old clothing by using the fabric to make new shirts, dresses, and hats.