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I love plants! A few months ago we moved from a house to an apartment and I had to find homes for most of my plants.  Not only do they PURIFY your indoor air, they also affect your living space to make it more warm and inviting.  I am very ready to start growing plants again.

You do NOT have to BUY houseplants unless there is a specific variety that you can not find from a friend or that does not propagate easily. Some plants that are easy to share with friends include pothos, philodendron, herbs (like basil and rosemary), succulents like seedum(several varieties), and sweet potato vine. A great site to visit is Free Plants from Easy Cuttings.

One of the EASIEST plants to propagate is pothos.  It is a green leafy vine that you can just clip and place in water.  After a few days (sometime up to 2 weeks) you will see roots emerging.

When visiting a relative’s house recently, I was enamored with her use of recycled objects for vases to hold the plants.  Check out the light bulb vase! It is an incandescent light bulb with the filament drilled out (not a children’s craft project) and a vine placed inside with water.  Tie a strong wire around the neck and it is ready to hang in a safe place.  What a great way to use all your old light bulbs once CFLs take over!

There were also tiny mugs (used jelly jars) with the lids drilled and hung by ribbon.  It would be neat to hang several of these or any clean jars at varying lengths with vines or ivy or CANDLES for an awesome effect, indoors or out!

Tips for free housplants:

  • Get cuttings from friends or family (ask first)
  • Grow a sweet potato vine
  • Cut some of your existing plants to grow more of your favorites
  • Share seeds with friends and family
  • Use clean jars, free vases, and other glass objects for free decorative containers