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Last year I made a nursing cover to use with my daughter when out and about. I had a fabric remnant to use, but I didn’t have “D rings” lying around or “boning”. I wasn’t going to buy notions so I found a way to make my own!

Nursing cover:

  • Free Pattern: Nursing Cover Tutorial at Sew Much Ado Blog (Click to open tutorial)
  • Two pieces of lightweight cotton fabric remnants (believe me that you want lightweight especially in the summer)-could use an old sheet, pillowcase opened up, old curtains, etc.
  • Two “D” rings. All I did was make my own out of some heavy-duty wire that I cut and formed into a “D” shape. I connected the raw ends at the middle of the straight part of the D using teflon tape. I made sure that this part was inside of the cover strap and it has never caused a problem.
  • Boning-I used a quart size yogurt container and cut the rim off the top. It was the perfect width and will hold its bowed shape (so you can look down at the baby). Just don’t iron it or it will soften and become flat.

My cover took just about 2 hours to complete since I had to form the D rings as well as come up with a proper replacement for the boning.

The next time you need special notions to finish a sewing project or craft, see if you can create them from re-purposed materials rather than buying them!