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Problem: I need something NOW, but I do not want(do not have time, etc.) to go to the store and buy it.  Here is a list of everyday fixes made or supplied by things you might already have!

1.  Body Wash- Ran out! You can’t just not shower (I’m sure others would agree). Use 4 parts of shampoo to 1 part of your favorite lotion, and voila! Moisturizing body wash without a trip to the store.

2.  Lint Roller- How many lint rollers do you have to buy before you realize your paying an absurd amount of money for stickers?  Use packaging tape or duct tape, sticky side out formed in a band. Slip your hand through and free the fur! Or, use a microfiber cloth-they are static masters and with a gentle wipe will grab the fur like a magnet.

3.  Toothpaste- An old favorite, use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, ingredients found in many brands of toothpaste already. To make, use two parts soda to one part peroxide and mix until pasty. You can even get fancy and add peppermint oil, coconut oil, or other flavors for fun. If you need it on a whim, you are probably not thinking about fun, just, “gimme my toothpaste”.

4.  Pants Need a Hemmin’– Oh NO! You can’t wait to hem those pants because you wanted to wear them TODAY! Whip out the duct tape and tape the inside yourself. Just match the length to another pair of pants, and NO ONE will know. Just don’t use packaging tape. It won’t stick for the whole day. And DON’T wash your pants with the duct tape still attached, it will become a part of the fabric.

5.  Mailing Envelope– Need a brown envelope padded or otherwise to send a small package or correspondence? Repurpose a paper grocery bag!  Cut the folded bottom off and cut a slit in the ring so you can turn the word side in. Tape the seam, fold up the bottom and tape, insert your documents or package, and fold over the top to finish the “envelope”. Tape the top and address for a completed free durable cover. To make semi-waterproof, just enclose your package in a plastic grocery bag before placing in the paper bag envelope.

6. Baking Mix– I don’t always have this in my cupboard, but if I want hubbie to make pancakes, it’s easier for him than making from scratch.  For 2 cups baking mix, combine together 2 cups flour, 1 Tablespoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt. Cut in 2 Tablespoons shortening until mealy. Store in an airtight container until ready to use!

Ways to use plastic containers on a whim for everyday items:

  • Use an empty quart yogurt container to make boning (as seen in the nursing cover post)
  • Use the same yogurt container, sour cream container, etc.,  and cut vertical strips from the plastic for plant markers if starting from seed. Just use a sharpie to label! $0 and waterproof.
  • Need a smaller paint can? Again, use the empty yogurt container or other empty plastic container with a lid and place the lid on when not using. It can keep your paint fresh for at least a week.
  • Use small yogurt containers for plant starters. Granted they are not easily composted, so don’t plant them directly in the soil, but you can use them instead of buying other plastic starter cells.

Do you have any “on the whim” techniques to share? I’d love to hear them! Add a comment below or by clicking on “leave a comment” to the right of the post title.