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Since moving to a different state earlier this year, I don’t have access to the abundant garden I used to have. It was full of herbs, flowers, and vegetables that I could cut year-round. I always had fresh flowers from the yard in the spring, summer, and fall, and cut naturally dried grasses and flowers in the fall and winter.

Flowers and foliage that dry well naturally:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses, especially rose petals and hips
  • Some herbs such as rosemary and lavender
  • Echinacea and other flower seed heads
  • Yarrow and Salvia
  • Foliage: Sage, Russian Sage, Coreopsis

Keys to a beautiful grass arrangement:

    • Choose the grasses according to your vase
    • Cut plumes and leaves
    • Pick out foliage of varying textures and colors. You really can’t go wrong!
    • Include some blues such as lavender and rosemary sprigs
    • Red twig dogwood fits into any arrangement