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Ever since we moved into our new (rental)house, I have been telling myself “Grace, stop trying to think of how you could change xyz.” It is so difficult to reign in my creative influence!

At our house in Nebraska, I would see something, say “I could do this,” and a project would be started. I’m sure other home owners say the same thing and end up with many projects that remain unfinished because the unexpected ALWAYS happens.

For the time being, it is a good thing that I can not start projects, but I can still think about them!  For example, the picture above is the light fixture in our dining room. BORING and BRASS are all I can think of.

Giving new life to the fixture would be an afternoon project (in my mind) and I would do the following:

  • Remove the light fixture from the ceiling (Turn off power FIRST, untwist the wiring)
  • Carefully set aside the glass and old bulbs
  • Scuff up the BRASS with a scrap piece of sandpaper. You should probably use a fine grit or steel wool, but anything will work.
  • Spray paint the fixture completely with a hammered antique brass, pewter, chrome, or nickel finish according to your decor. LET DRY.
  • If it’s available(which it is to me), cover the OUTSIDE of the glass hurricanes with etching cream and rinse when set, OR spray paint with clear frosting.
  • Replace current hodgepodge of lightbulbs with cfls, LEDs, or smaller wattage regular bulbs (this would be the only thing I would buy)
  • When glass and fixture are dry, re-attach the wiring and enjoy! You have a beautiful “new” fixture!

Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Do YOU think the landlord will mind?