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Due to limited counter space, I decided there was no place for my cookbook on the counter when I was using a recipe. Easy fix: Use a music stand! I placed the cookbook on the stand and have kept it there ever since. The stand also keeps the book clean and can move around the kitchen with me.

Recipe Photo Album

I also chose to replace an overstuffed, unorganized recipe box with my easy-to-use recipe photo album. The album was just a 200-4×6″ photo album. You could easily use a 3-ring binder with vinyl photo pages or a different size album.

A photo album allows me to see exactly where the recipe card needs to return to and is easier to flip through. The album can fit recipes that are not on my cards such as store recipes, magazine clippings, and printed recipes. I used tabs from an old year planner for the category dividers. What kitchen organization tools do you use?