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If you have not yet changed over to a 2012 calendar, woohoo for you! Don’t throw away the old calendar you loved for so many months; repurpose it into beautiful art prints for your home!

Easy Art Prints

  1. Select the prints you like.
  2. Trim them to size and fit with a frame.
  3. If you have smaller frames than the print, you can always cut the pages in half or in fourths and do a 2-4 print collage.
  4. If the frames are larger than the prints, create a mat for your prints!

If you do not have any leftover frames, the prints look beautiful on the wall without frames, or you can make some easy frames using scrap wood, cardboard, or other materials that are readily available.

Other Uses for Old Calendar Pages

  • Create decorative envelopes
  • Cut into strips and weave into mats or coasters
  • Cut squares out of each color and use for paper mosaics
  • Make a new calendar using old calendar pages
  • Use the prints to decoupage a box or other object
  • Use as origami paper (some calendar pages are already square)

Share your ideas!