I’m back!

I had baby number 2 in March and haven’t had a chance to reflect on NOT buying things when it feels like we “need” to buy things left and right. Do we really “need” all this stuff?

Having a life change can be daunting let alone the stuff that goes with it. A baby, for example, needs a place to sleep, something to poop in, something to eat, and ultimately love. The needs are so basic, yet we feel SO pressured to buy a whole new nursery because he’s a boy, not a girl like our first(which I didn’t). We feel pressured to buy all the super cute tiny clothes that are on clearance for 75% off even though he might not ever wear them more than twice(AHH! I resisted again).

New stuff is fun, but is overwhelming. It takes up space. And if we DO use the new stuff, where does the old stuff go? The old stuff starts taking up more and more space in a box, closet, bin, basement, or attic and is worthless.

STOP BUYING MORE STUFF! Use what you already have. When you can’t use what you have, sell the old stuff to make room for the new. Yes, you might be tired of the old stuff. Get over it. I’m sure in Bible times they wore the same robe until it turned to rags(and then used the rags…). Where did our obsession come from that says we have to have new things all the time? Is it a status symbol? Does it make one feel rich even though they’re probably putting it on a credit card?

New posts will be coming soon on a few items I made for baby, such as cloth diapers from old t-shirts or other apparel, wool pants (which have a disaster story attached), birth announcements, and curtains from an old blanket.

Stay tuned and be encouraged that you don’t have to buy new or used, just use what you already have!