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Babies make So Much Poop. Using disposable diapers and wipes instead of cloth diapers and wipes is like wiping your babies bum with dollar bills. Since I prefer to use something more gentle on my baby’s bum and my wallet, I am cloth all the way (unless unforseen circumstances arise).

Since the last post was about cloth diapers, I thought it fitting that I would share my cloth wipes with you! Cloth wipes can be made from any soft absorbant material, preferably cotton or a cotton blend. I made mine from leftover flannel and terry cloth. Terry cloth works well for big messes because the fur gives it a nice soft scrubbing surface.  We used separate colors and prints to distinguish between face wipes and bum wipes. You can use old t-shirts, flannel blankets, wash cloths, old towels, or sheets.

To make the wipes, cut squares or rectangles about the size of your hand. After awhile you will know your preference-larger or smaller. Mine are a mix of 6″ and 7″ squares. I surged around the outside, but you can also sew it like a pillow, turn it right side out and topstitch around. I didn’t have enough time to do that and I also found that I like single layer wipes better than double layer wipes. You can also just use the squares without sewing. I only sewed so they don’t fray and sewing gives a nice finished edge on something used for not so nice things.

I use an old wipes container(yes I had to buy them once) to hold my wipes. For wet wipes, I made my own solution from baby body wash and baby lotion, which is nice and gentle on baby’s bum. Just stick a small dot each of wash and lotion in the bottom of the container, mix with your finger and add water halfway full. Put in half-fold wipes and use them all day! I don’t put more than a day’s worth of wipes in the container because they can get musty if left too long. It also lets me wash out the container at the end of each day in case I double dipped and there was poop on my hand (it happens).

If you’re on the go, you can either put wet wipes in a spill-proof container or bag, or you can pack dry wipes with pre-made solution in a spray bottle. You will find that you use them ALL THE TIME. They work better than disposable wipes and you can re-use them. You can wash them with your diapers or regular laundry depending on your preference.

Cloth wipes are quick to make and are a great gift for new babies. Happy wiping!