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I mentioned in an earlier post that babies have so much poop. It happens right when you put a new diaper on, or sometimes in the process of putting the new diaper on AND THEN in the new diaper. Since I don’t have time to change the changing pad cover AND the babies clothes, diapers, my clothes, etc. I decided to make changing pad cover SAVERS!

A changing pad cover saver SAVES your sanity along with the changing pad cover some of the time. All you do is lay it down on top of the cover and then replace it with a clean one if it is soiled quickly. You could just lay it on the pad without a cover underneath, but it might slip around since nothing is holding it down. To wash, just throw it in with the cloth diapers or other laundry.

For my savers I used two layers: a layer of flannel and a layer of terry cloth for absorbency. I surged the two pieces together and then sewed lines on it so it wouldn’t shift in the wash. You can also sew right sides together, turn and topstitch, or just put a towel down without sewing anything! Your new savers can even be used as on-the-go changing pads.