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The other day I was sewing some changing pad cover savers from my huge stash of bug flannel and my 21 month old was sitting at the table mesmerized with the project. Since she can’t sit still for very long I decided to cut out some of the bugs for her to play with.

What a hit! She took her flannel “bugs” around the house and quickly found out they will stick to other fabric surfaces like the sofa, bouncy seat, and baby brother’s bum.  She has really taken to bugs lately and spots them everywhere. She gets real close to them and squishes them with her tiny finger, not realizing the fate they have just endured.  Flannel bugs are squish-proof.

I even caught myself telling her “leave your bugs here while we go outside.” My little entomologist placed them neatly on her play piano.  When we needed to come inside I said, “let’s look for bugs inside.” People will think we need an exterminator if they ever hear me telling her that.