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I must attribute this post to my sister who has awesome kid ideas. When I was visiting she told me I should do a post about Lunchables(not affiliated with my site) and so she made some for me to write about. Thanks Joy, I love you.

If you buy them on sale at the store, you can easily spend $1-$2 per pack on kids’ pre-packaged lunches. Multiply this by two kids, five days a week and I can give you some better ideas on how to not eat your money away!

Materials needed: A small glass or cookie cutter, crackers of choice, meat and cheese of choice, sweet treat, drink, snack box or container

To make, cut out 5 each of the meat and cheese and package together with the crackers, treat, and drink. You can even place them in the plastic package the lunch meat came in! If you don’t have much time, have the kids do it on an afternoon and then place them in individual containers for use throughout the week. EnJOY!