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If anyone needs some leaf lettuce, I have SO MUCH GROWING! It came from an enormous package of seeds and while I did not plant them all, I certainly did not plant them sparingly either.

When I started the garden I knew I didn’t want to spend much money(if any). I got creative and resourceful and the following is what happened!

1. Gates for tomatoes

I didn’t want to spend $2-$4/cage for my tomato plants plus another $1-$3/plant for stakes. Instead, I searched the shed behind the house(anyone need a pair of spider-filled old high tops?) and found two chain link gate pieces. The height was perfect, the chrome was shiny, and they made a great way to trellis my tomatoes. Total cost was $4 since I bought two 10-foot pieces of electrical conduit, cut both in half and used them to anchor the gates. I used the super-long, heavy-duty twisty ties off of the soaker hose package to tie the gate to the conduit “stakes.”

2. T-Shirt ties

My Tomatoes needed to be secured to the gate trellis and I could not find that green soft-covered wire I used to have. Instead I used leftover t-shirt scraps that are two small to sew with. They will be soft on the plant’s stem and are 100% cotton, which is biodegradable.

3. Garden Borders

I found these in the shed too. They were marked $4 each for a piece of decorative plastic. It creates a nice boundary line for my two year old not to trespass over! You could easily use thick straight branches, rocks, a border of flowers, etc.

Garden Cost:

  • Tilled plot: Free by a neighbor
  • Tomato “cages” (fence pieces): Free
  • Conduit “stakes”: $2/each, total $4
  • Decorative border: Free
  • 2 bags organic compost(could be free if you have your own): $1.25/each, total $2.50
  • 2 bags topsoil: $1.25/each, total $2.50
  • 1 soaker hose: $11
  • 8 Tomato plants: Free from a neighbor
  • 3 Pepper plants: 3/$2, total $2
  • 2 pumpkin plants: Free from a friend
  • Seeds for cilantro, dill, beets, carrots, spinach:4/$1, total $1.25
  • Seeds for lettuce, bush cucumber, yellow squash:$1.69/each, total $5.07
  • Seeds for Peas, green beans: Free from previous garden

Total Cost: $28.32(The Don’t Buy a Thing Garden post said I had spent less than $25. I had forgotten to add the conduit stakes in to the total)

I will definitely grow more than $30 of vegetables this summer! After I installed the garden, I remembered how much stress it can relieve to play in the dirt. So not only will it help us save money by produce healthy fruits and veggies, it will also assist in avoiding stress-related health problems!

When are you going to begin your garden?