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I’ve been busy busy busy with repurposing! The latest and greatest item came to my front door and was wrapped around the twin mattress for my daughter(big girl gets big bed). Not to mention the twin mattress was rolled up, placed in a vacuum sealed bag and delivered in a small box! The innovation of less packaging and a smaller environmental impact=amazing! Note: The mattress was a real 8″ thick, individual coil spring twin mattress, not an air mattress or foam mattress. It gained it’s form back within seconds and is comfy enough for even me.

So the wrap that was around the mattress was a pleasant brown color and was the same “fabric” used to make those cheap re-useable grocery bags. I could not just toss it in the dumpster.  It was a clean piece of fabric used to protect a mattress and it was not landfill friendly.

*BING*! Enter exciting ideas rushing through my head. I could make some grocery bags. Too cliche. I could make some wash-free clothing. Unlikely and weird(unless it’s wool). I could make…re-useable gift wrap!

I really dislike throwing away wrapping paper, but I do it because once it is ripped off of the package, it is mostly unusable. I do keep decorative bags and re-gift those. Even from a young age my mom kept a stack of funnies so I could use them to wrap gifts in. Why buy wrapping paper? Wrap a gift in a bunch of $1 bills. That would be awesome  and more appreciated/useful. Or you could implement re-useable gift bags and “unpaper”! It stores flat and is pest resistant, so no issues in a dark attic or damp basement.

The final product design ended up being a 16″ X 16″ drawstring bag on which I machine appliqued some scraps of felt to make it look more inviting. All I did was use a 16″ X  32″ (plus seam allowance) rectangle, folded it in half and sewed the sides to make a big pocket. Then I turned over a 1 1/2″ piece at the open end and sewed it to make a casing for the drawstring (scrap ribbon). I reinforced the opening with some vertical stitches, turned it inside out and voila, we have a re-useable gift bag. I call it REwrap!

If you don’t feel like making it on your own, check it out in my Old Life Redesigned store. You can even pair it with a blue jean gift card holder :).

I will also do custom orders if you need several bags, gift card holders, or want different sizes or appliques. Just email me at oldliferedesigned@gmail.com.

What are you doing this year to cut down on disposable gift wrap?