I started a business. It took a LOT of research, time, more time, money, frustration, and excitement to start my business. But now I am a small business owner and want to share with you my journey to hopefully make it a little easier.

This is the first of a collection of posts related to starting a business. Look for tips, links, and frustrations. Find ideas and encouragement. Check out the new page Starting a Business for an ongoing compilation of links and resources.

The Beginning

I opened my business in July 2012, using $0 of personal money, Don’t Buy a Thing Style. So far, I have made my $0 back(and more of course) and have so much to share!  If I had taken out a loan I might have been able to skip right into a larger business with more products right away, but I would not have made my money back yet and would be constantly questioning my business venture since I would have bills to pay.

By starting with as little as possible, I made a decision to build a business that was self-sustaining. Not many people have the time, energy, or circumstance to do this and since no business is exactly the same, I am not offended in the least if you do not conduct your business the way I do.

The Middle

I’ll be sharing different pieces of my adventure in other posts, but the middle is the sticky part. This is where I had to find out what I needed to do to start a business, where I needed to go, who I needed to talk to, how to get certain permits, and when to file taxes. I am still learning these things!

Unfortunately, there is not one place you can visit to find out all of these answers. You can get some awesome resources if you have a local SCORE chapter. I have one! They really connected me to the exact information I needed in a 5 minute phone call. The best part was that the first person I talked to on the phone was a retired businessman or businesswoman who volunteered at the center, so they could answer my questions directly. There was no automated message that did not understand my non-accented way of speaking. There was no “press 1” for anything. It was great! I really like humans!

The End

I can not see the end in sight, which is a good thing. Right now I am enjoying filling orders, coming up with new products, and making current products better. Because I am not working my business full time it does not get updated as often as I would like, but I am really enjoying this new piece of me! Visit my store at Old Life Redesigned!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional business advice giver. I am only a fellow small business owner who has gone through the process of starting a business and is sharing information with you. Please consult a professional or a local agency for information specific to your location and circumstance. RESEARCH for yourself to know who you need to be accountable to. Do not solely rely on second hand information.